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SGR (Sustainable Growth Rate) delays – again!

Why isn’t Congress supporting our healthcare providers? Every year we go through this agonizing time frame of facing a 20% cut in Medicare payments, while Congress constantly bypasses their responsibility. Congress can’t be penalized for their lack of appropriate actions, so they do what is in their best interests. Typical political selfishness. Our government expects our healthcare providers to render services to the American public in a timely and caring manner, yet that same government is aloof to the provider’s cash flow. How disgraceful! Medical billing services and or internal billing staff are faced with extraordinary amounts of additional labor – posting the original discounted payment, then posting the discounted secondary carrier payment. Once Congress dis-allows the 20% cut, then Medicare sends an adjustment payment and the secondary carrier then sends their adjustment payment.

MRA celebrates our 17th Anniversary

MRA is celebrating our 17th Anniversary on January 2, 2015 – and our CEO has been providing healthcare services for 30 years! Our revenue cycle management skills have been proven over and over and a client referral list is offered for confirmation of our relationships. Our CEO, Rob Levin, is available 7 days a week.…