Accounts Receivable Management

At MRA we believe that personalized medical billing services are the key to effective cash flow. We set up each client’s billing protocols based on individual needs, and the services we provide are based on the “task list” specifically detailed in our agreement. We provide affordable and effective healthcare accounts receivable management so you can focus on the tasks that move your business forward. And as always, there are no hidden fees and payment isn’t due until revenue is received.

Accounts Receivable Services in Pennsylvania

  1. MRA receives the charge data from the office(s) through a common delivery carrier or scanning, as an encrypted email attachment in order to comply with HIPAA regulations. We can also access your EMR system to print your claims for data entry into our software.
  2. MRA communicates with the clients’ office staff to ensure that the practice’s charges are submitted on a consistent basis, as well as to discuss remittances, rejections, and unpaid claims. MRA will assist in resolving any issues that may hinder a smooth integration into our system.
  3. MRA monitors the primary and secondary insurance carrier and patient payments, and responds to all calls from third-party payers and patients. We handle these contacts professionally and thoroughly, reporting any problems or complaints to the client’s office staff.
  4. MRA will transmit claims electronically whenever possible. Our proprietary medical billing software automatically tracks all open claims to ensure appropriate follow-up, which yields reimbursements in a timely manner.
  5. All payments are deposited into the client’s bank account on the same or next day after the payment is received and the client is notified of all bank deposits.
  6. Delinquent patient balances are handled promptly through a 90-day series of statements. Through regular meetings with the client, MRA can establish a customized collection process.
  7. MRA’s Chief Operating Officer or Account Manager can meet periodically with each client to analyze comprehensive reports. These consultations will serve to continually refine the clients’ record-keeping systems, and, ultimately, to expedite cash flow. For example, our research and development team may suggest improvements related to billing codes, modifiers, diagnosis codes, and regulatory changes.

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