The MRA Difference

Reducing Overhead

The rise of managed care plans typically has led to lower payments to health care providers. Practice revenue can only grow by adding new procedures, increasing volume, or by cutting overhead expenses. Eliminating an overhead expense drops directly to your bottom line. The only overhead expense a practice can eliminate or downsize without compromising patient care is the medical billing department staff. Your in-house employees are paid salaries and benefits regardless of your practice’s actual daily income. By outsourcing medical billing operations, practices incur expenses only after payments are received.

Incentives to Increase Revenue

At MRA, our revenue is directly linked to our ability to increase our clients’ revenues. Your in-house staff has no real incentive to increase practice revenue. MRA has a dedicated management team whose goal is to use the most recent billing resources and to stay current with the latest in medical credentialing, changes in codes, etc.

Constant Attention

When a practice’s physician billing services are not able to allocate adequate time for resolving rejections and tracking unpaid claims, even larger volumes of uncollected revenue accumulate. With MRA, proper planning and cross-training among our staff means that each account receives daily, uninterrupted attention. And a key component of our medical bookkeeping and credentialing strategy is to dedicate ample staff hours to resolving rejections and unpaid claims.

Building Relationships, Inspiring Trust

Because we serve as an extension of the provider’s facility, we must personify competence, caring, kindness and firmness. We are prepared to give an “explanation of benefits” in a composed, clear and concise manner. Our goal is to develop patient relationships that will satisfy your patients and still achieve rapid payment of the patient’s obligations.

Unequaled Income Protection

Our system of accounting checks and balances mean that every dollar that comes in for your office is carefully monitored and protected in a way that would be impossible to imitate in a physician office environment, where all checks typically go through a single individual. When MRA is managing your medical billing and credentialing you can rest assured that your money is secure.