Medical Billing and Coding Philadelphia PA

Your only staff involvement is the preparation of your daily encounters and demographics. MRA will provide the data entry, electronic claims submission, payment posting, denial and open claim follow-up, mail patient statements and field patient phone calls related to medical billing services. This will allow you a clearer mind to focus on providing your clinical services to your patients. We can render our services to physicians in every state in the country.

We Can Provide

  • Cleaner, faster claims processing utilizing the skill and experience of our professional medical bookkeeping staff.
  • Reduce your practice’s supervision and associated employee expense of your internal billing staff. Our services guarantee 5 day a week coverage regardless of sick days or vacations.
  • Improve your cash flow well beyond your current income.
  • Utilization of our professional physician billing services will ensure high quality follow-up for faster attention to open claims.

Why choose us as your medical billing partner?

  • We are specialists!
  • Attention to incorrect data scrubbing prior to claims submission, and medical credentialing.
  • Follow-up with carriers for faster reimbursements.
  • 100% HIPAA compliance.
  • Reduction in your current expenses.
  • Member of HBMA, the only national trade organization for medical billing service companies. This includes the HBMA Washington lobbyist services of Bill Finerfrock and the HBMA connections to CMS which ensure constant and up-to-date communication of federally mandated changes.