Category: Patient Collections

4 Ways to Collect Outstanding Patient Balances

In recent years, patients have become increasingly responsible for their medical costs. This means that they’re paying more out-of-pocket for procedures than they did even ten years ago. While some patients can handle this, others struggle to cope with this extra financial burden. This causes many to have outstanding patient balances which can be a… Read more »

How Inappropriate Unpaid Claim Follow-Ups Affect Your Bottom Line

Following up on unpaid claims is a vital part of the collection process. But if you do it the wrong way, or with no sense of urgency, it can result in lost revenue or patients being confused and frustrated by your billing process. Analyzing your collections process for inefficiencies, gaps, or missed opportunities can ensure… Read more »

Questions to Ask Your Medical Billing Staff to Maximize Patient Collections

The goal of any medical billing department is to collect the maximum amount of patient billing. So how do you make sure your staff is doing what they can to maximize revenue for your practice? Is the process clear and straightforward? Creating and documenting a thorough collection process ensures each staff member knows their responsibilities…. Read more »