Medical Coding in New Jersey

Between staff incompetence and a lack of trustworthy employees, many medical professionals find themselves at a loss when it comes to finding a billing specialist for their practice. With the ever-changing requirements of insurance companies and the sensitive nature of billing patients directly, it is nearly impossible to find and keep a billing and claims specialist with a market that demands high salaries and often ends in wasted time and money on the doctor’s end.

Medical Billing Company in New JerseyMedical Revenue Associates provides the best solution, outsourced medical billing and claims filing, and has been a trusted name in this industry since 1997. With staff members that have been working with the company since it was founded, MRA is among the most respected and trustworthy medical billing and accounts receivable contractors in New Jersey.

Medical Collections

With collection rates averaging above 98% for “clean” claims and national averages of between 85-90%, MRA brings both results and professionalism. Our staff will interact with your patients and insurance contacts as if they were working directly for you. For more information, or to speak with us directly about what MRA can do for your practice, please contact MRA at