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Medical Billing Issues That Are Impacting Your Practice

Every practice needs to have a medical billing system set up in order to properly receive payments in a timely manner. Many struggle with problems regarding their medical billing procedures. Here we identify some of the common medical billing issues practices.

Failure to notify patients of financial obligationsMedical Billing Issues That Are Impacting Your Practice

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, patients have become responsible for more and more of their medical costs. However, many do not understand the out of pocket balances that are due from them, leading to outstanding patient balances.

Outdated billing software

Having the right medical billing software can make your life much easier. Updating your software will not only fix bugs, but it also updates billing requirements and ICD codes. Keeping the ICD codes updated is especially important, as inaccurate coding can lead to an increase in claims denials.

Lack of regular training

You should be regularly training your staff how to use your medical billing system in order to clear up misunderstandings and to teach them how to use new features.

Inaccurate or missing patient information

Train your front desk staff how to properly receive and input patient information into your files, then regularly update the information whenever a patient comes in.

One way to avoid these medical billing issues is to ensure you’re signed up with the right medical billing services. Here at Medical Revenue Associates, our accounts receivable services can help prevent and resolve any medical billing issues your practice is struggling with. Give us a call today at 215-497-1001 to learn more.

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